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Cochranton firemen where dispatched just after 130 this afternoon for a plane crash off of Route 285 in the area near Adamsville Road. Crews found the wreckage in an area well off the roadway. The 3 occupants in the plane were not injured. Vernon Central and West Mead 2 assisted with their off road vehicles to help get to the scene. Mead Amb, State Police and FAA also on scene. ... See MoreSee Less

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A flashback photo...Wagner Crest Farms on the Franklin Pike. Barn Fire 1986. ... See MoreSee Less

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Cochranton Volunteer Fire Dept & Ambulance Service Cochranton Volunteer Fire Dept & Ambulance Service added 17 new photos.
Cochranton Volunteer Fire Dept & Ambulance Service

We stood by this evening for a land owner as he burnt down an abandoned house on his property. The home was a safety issue and the weather was perfect with the prior rain and the wet grounds around the area. It went up quickly and into the basement. ... See MoreSee Less

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We cannot help you if we can’t find you!

Please consider installing a house # 911 address sign on your mail box, post near your drive way or on your house.

** Now, we are making it easy for you to purchase these signs. 

Both 911 address signs are 6″ X 18″ with reflective 3″ numbers. Numbers are on BOTH sides. You choose either vertical or horizontal.

Fill out the form below to order a sign.  You will pay for the sign when you pick it up.  Make your check to: Cochranton Volunteer Fire Department 

** Through the courtesy of a local business, Klasen McQuiston Energy Corporation, they have offered to help in the distribution of these signs. The signs may be picked up at their office, Monday through Friday, 7AM to 5PM. Their address is 2988 Old Hwy 322, Cochranton. 814-425-7498. Please allow 10 days from order to pick up.

What is the number you want on the sign?



City, State, Zip:


$10.00 per sign, if picked up.
$18.00 if mailed to you.

Vertical sign:
Quantity x $10.00 =
Horizontal sign:
Quantity x $10.00 =

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