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Cochranton Volunteer Fire Dept & Ambulance Service Cochranton Volunteer Fire Dept & Ambulance Service added 5 new photos.
Cochranton Volunteer Fire Dept & Ambulance Service

Cochranton Firemen responded to a vehicle fire this evening on Rt 173 @ Richie Road. Crews made quick work of the fire. No injuries. Vehicle obvious total loss. ... See MoreSee Less

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Cochranton Volunteer Fire Dept & Ambulance Service Cochranton Volunteer Fire Dept & Ambulance Service added 5 new photos.
Cochranton Volunteer Fire Dept & Ambulance Service

Cochranton Firemen responded to a fire just before 5pm this evening at Shearer Commodities on Rt 173. Fire was in a dryer unit and contained quickly by company employees and CVFD firemen. Assisting CVFD were crews from Sandy Lake, Sheakleyville, Utica, and Vernon Central. West Mead 1 stood by at Coch. Station. ... See MoreSee Less

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Cochranton firemen where dispatched just after 130 this afternoon for a plane crash off of Route 285 in the area near Adamsville Road. Crews found the wreckage in an area well off the roadway. The 3 occupants in the plane were not injured. Vernon Central and West Mead 2 assisted with their off road vehicles to help get to the scene. Mead Amb, State Police and FAA also on scene. ... See MoreSee Less

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#NameRankYears of
1John BauerFirefighter47
2Donald (Donnie) C. BauerFirefighter / Past Fire Chief32
3Donald R. BauerFirefighter52
4Retired Number
5Michael GehresFirefighter35
6Retired Number
7Shane NeffFirefighter / EMT / Past Fire Chief25
8Lonny WareFirefighter / EMT / Past Amb President / Assistant Chief 4-A2404-A4
9Earl MookFirefighter / EMT / Privacy Officer / Assistant Amb Chief / Board of Directors484-A3
10David StocktonFire Marshal / Fire Marshal 4-FM1 / Past Fire Chief and Past Ambulance Chief55Fire Marshal 4-FM1
12Robert KlasenFirefighter / EMT / Fire Dept. President48
14David HollabaughFirefighter / EMT25
15Daniel BreseeFirefighter / EMT / Chief 4-A143Chief 4-A1
16Martin JonesFirefighter / EMT / Board of Directors, Past Fire Dept President & Assistant Amb Chief30
17David SanzariFirefighter / Fairfield EMA43
18William Coleman Jr.Firefighter / EMT / Past Assistant Amb Chief35
19Jerry VettorelFirefighter20
20Bill ShortsFirefighter45
21William AndersonFirefighter / EMT / Captain 4-FP1204-FP1
22Shawn ButtrayFirefighter25
24Pete JonesFirefighter20
25Christopher PontiusFirefighter - Retired38
27Joey ColegroveFirefighter / First Responder37
28Jason SaegerFirefighter / EMT / Lieutenant 4-L222430
29Michele SabrawFirefighter / EMT5
30Jason BreseeFirefighter / EMT / Battalion Chief 41023
31John BreseeFirefighter / HAZMAT Technician / Board of Directors / Lieutenant 4-FP2244-FP4
33Mike BickfordFirefighter / Board of Directors25
34Sarah AndersonFirefighter
35Stephen HastingsFirefighter / EMT / Lieutenant 4-L1 / Past Fire Dept President & Assistant Amb Chief25420
36Emily Anderson
37Jason JonesFirefighter18
38 John Lhuillier
39Doug SekerskiFirefighter26
40Ryan SekerskiFirefighter / Battalion Chief 42026410
41Scott SchellFirefighter / EMT / Chief 4 / Past Assistant Amb Chief16Chief 4
43William Coleman IIIFirefighter / EMT8
46Kyle TurnerFirefighter1
47Caleb Anderson
48John WashokFirefighter / EMT35
49James WaltersFirefighter / EMT / Past Assistant Amb Chief14
50Cindy BreseeEMT / Training Officer / Past Assistant Amb Chief41Training 4-A50
51Erin HonardEMT19
52Chris HonardFirefighter / EMT
53Evan KardoshFirefighter / EMT
54Kaytlyn MooreFirefighter3
55Amanda Boylan
56Tim McGortyFirefighter / EMT-P
57Joseph ShirleyFirefighter / Board of Directors5
58Nick VettorelFirefighter14
59Christine ClarkFirefighter / EMT12
60Elizabeth SlingluffEMT / Amb Service Secretary13
61Christina PeteEMT18
62Alex RumzieFirefighter
63Katherine DeeterFirefighter / EMT12
64Cody TurnerFirefighter2
65Samuel WaglerFirefighter / EMT10
66Craig PedersenFirefighter / EMT / Past Fire Dept President35
67Martha PedersenFirefighter / EMT35
69Vinnie ViscusoFirefighter13
70Jason GillilandFirefighter / Club Board Chairman14
71Colette NeffFirefighter / EMT / Past Fire Dept Treasurer31
72Barbara StocktonEMT / Amb Service Treasurer49
74Todd StearnsFirefighter / EMT / Lieutenant 4-L3194 - FP2
78Christopher ShreveFirefighter / EMT30
80Nicole DanielsonFirefighter / EMT / Fire Dept Secretary13
83Martha Ann BylerEMT4
84Dalyn GingerichFirefighter / EMT4
87Rev. Harvey BoalFire Dept Chaplain13
88Matthew ButtrayFirefighter / EMR3
90Eric DanielsonFirefighter / EMT / Captain 430 / Fire Dept Vice President / Amb Service President124–A2
91David RudyFirefighter / 4-FP3194-FP3
92Aaron ColemanJunior Firefighter4
94Shane HollabaughFirefighter3
95Jennifer WashokFirefighter3
98Mark BreseeJunior Firefighter2
99Katelyn NeffJunior Firefighter2
--Gavyn KorinkoJunior Firefighter
--Alex HustonJunior Firefighter
--Matthew MooreJunior Firefighter

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