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Sunday October 22 from 1pm-3pm Cochranton VFD will be having an open house. Stop by and check out our newly renovated social hall along with a tour of the trucks and equipment displays. Volunteers are always needed to help support our community. Stop in and see what we are all about! ... See MoreSee Less

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Tuesday night was drill night and the guys got to have some practice with the rescue tools on some vehicles. Big thanks to Patterson Auto Wrecking for donating the cars. ... See MoreSee Less

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#NameRankYears of
1John BauerFirefighter47
2Donald (Donnie) C. BauerFirefighter / Past Fire Chief32
3Donald R. BauerFirefighter52
4Retired Number
5Michael GehresFirefighter35
6Retired Number
7Shane NeffFirefighter / EMT / Past Fire Chief25
8Lonny WareFirefighter / EMT / Past Amb President / Assistant Chief 4-A2404-A4
9Earl MookFirefighter / EMT / Privacy Officer / Assistant Amb Chief / Board of Directors484-A3
10David StocktonFire Marshal / Fire Marshal 4-FM1 / Past Fire Chief and Past Ambulance Chief55Fire Marshal 4-FM1
12Robert KlasenFirefighter / EMT / Fire Dept. President48
14David HollabaughFirefighter / EMT25
15Daniel BreseeFirefighter / EMT / Chief 4-A143Chief 4-A1
16Martin JonesFirefighter / EMT / Board of Directors, Past Fire Dept President & Assistant Amb Chief30
17David SanzariFirefighter / Fairfield EMA43
18William Coleman Jr.Firefighter / EMT / Past Assistant Amb Chief35
19Jerry VettorelFirefighter20
20Bill ShortsFirefighter45
21William AndersonFirefighter / EMT / Captain 4-FP1204-FP1
22Shawn ButtrayFirefighter25
24Pete JonesFirefighter20
25Christopher PontiusFirefighter - Retired38
27Joey ColegroveFirefighter / First Responder37
28Jason SaegerFirefighter / EMT / Lieutenant 4-L222430
29Michele SabrawFirefighter / EMT5
30Jason BreseeFirefighter / EMT / Battalion Chief 41023
31John BreseeFirefighter / HAZMAT Technician / Board of Directors / Lieutenant 4-FP2244-FP4
33Mike BickfordFirefighter / Board of Directors25
34Sarah AndersonFirefighter
35Stephen HastingsFirefighter / EMT / Lieutenant 4-L1 / Past Fire Dept President & Assistant Amb Chief25420
36Emily Anderson
37Jason JonesFirefighter18
38 John Lhuillier
39Doug SekerskiFirefighter26
40Ryan SekerskiFirefighter / Battalion Chief 42026410
41Scott SchellFirefighter / EMT / Chief 4 / Past Assistant Amb Chief16Chief 4
43William Coleman IIIFirefighter / EMT8
46Kyle TurnerFirefighter1
47Caleb Anderson
48John WashokFirefighter / EMT35
49James WaltersFirefighter / EMT / Past Assistant Amb Chief14
50Cindy BreseeEMT / Training Officer / Past Assistant Amb Chief41Training 4-A50
51Erin HonardEMT19
52Chris HonardFirefighter / EMT
53Evan KardoshFirefighter / EMT
54Kaytlyn MooreFirefighter3
55Amanda Boylan
56Tim McGortyFirefighter / EMT-P
57Joseph ShirleyFirefighter / Board of Directors5
58Nick VettorelFirefighter14
59Christine ClarkFirefighter / EMT12
60Elizabeth SlingluffEMT / Amb Service Secretary13
61Christina PeteEMT18
62Alex RumzieFirefighter
63Katherine DeeterFirefighter / EMT12
64Cody TurnerFirefighter2
65Samuel WaglerFirefighter / EMT10
66Craig PedersenFirefighter / EMT / Past Fire Dept President35
67Martha PedersenFirefighter / EMT35
69Vinnie ViscusoFirefighter13
70Jason GillilandFirefighter / Club Board Chairman14
71Colette NeffFirefighter / EMT / Past Fire Dept Treasurer31
72Barbara StocktonEMT / Amb Service Treasurer49
74Todd StearnsFirefighter / EMT / Lieutenant 4-L3194 - FP2
78Christopher ShreveFirefighter / EMT30
80Nicole DanielsonFirefighter / EMT / Fire Dept Secretary13
83Martha Ann BylerEMT4
84Dalyn GingerichFirefighter / EMT4
87Rev. Harvey BoalFire Dept Chaplain13
88Matthew ButtrayFirefighter / EMR3
90Eric DanielsonFirefighter / EMT / Captain 430 / Fire Dept Vice President / Amb Service President124–A2
91David RudyFirefighter / 4-FP3194-FP3
92Aaron ColemanJunior Firefighter4
94Shane HollabaughFirefighter3
95Jennifer WashokFirefighter3
98Mark BreseeJunior Firefighter2
99Katelyn NeffJunior Firefighter2
--Gavyn KorinkoJunior Firefighter
--Alex HustonJunior Firefighter
--Matthew MooreJunior Firefighter

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